Jan 31, 2014

Green Cabin Kits Modern Prefab Project Update!

I am so thrilled to begin sharing with you the progress of the passive solar modern prefab from our Green Cabin Kits modern prefab line being built in the northeast! This client is incredibly creative with impeccable modern taste, is passionate about the environment, and thoughtful in every aspect of her home so I am very excited to share with you her modern prefab house as it is constructed, as she sends updates.

Note: This client is a *very* busy woman who is involved with environmental advocacy. Because of her schedule, she tells me her missives will be sporadic, but I hope not- I can't wait to see what she does!

To follow and view this modern prefab home in the upper northeast project, click here!


  1. What is sq ft of main house- and sq ft of guest cottage?
    Has anyone in Co used this prefab design

  2. interested in the sip construction, radian floor heat, green of course one level. Which plans should I look at?

  3. what is the sip r value per inch of walls? I have an engineer friend who has used sip in their homes.

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