Dec 24, 2008

Green Cabin Kits on Jetson Green!

Well, one day after going live with our site, Green Cabin Kits, we are featured on Jetson Green!

We admire Preston and his work there very much, so are completely thrilled he noticed us and our hard work.

See it all here!

Here's the article: (THANKS Preston!!!!)

Unbelievably Slick Green Cabin Kits


Copeland Casati, founder of Green Modern Kits and Green Cottage Kits, just sent over a link to her newly launched website for Green Cabin Kits. They have two designs that are customizable: CornerHouse (top 3 renderings) and The Dogtrot Mod (bottom 3 renderings). They're quite slick, aren't they? CornerHouse is an expandable design that's versatile enough for urban infill or some rural location in the middle of nowhere. You choose. The Dogtrot Mod is also expandable but a little different. It features an open court in the middle to ventilate and separate the living spaces. Both kits were designed to accomodate rainwater collection and solar power generation.



The cabins are built with SIPs and steel and can be customized in an endless manner to suit the needs of a future cabin owner. So, if you're thinking about getting a Green Cabin Kit, and I know I am, Copeland estimates that a kit will run you roughly $100 psf, more or less (see FAQs for more details).

The Dogtrot Mod

The Dogtrot Mod

The Dogtrot Mod

Rendering credits: Green Cabin Kits.

Dec 16, 2008

Please help support Dick McElfish, Environmental Engineer, oppose mass residential grading TONIGHT, Dec. 16th!

Please encourage all to attend a critical meeting tonight in Chesterfield to oppose “Mass Grading” in the Upper Swift Creek Watershed. Please support Dick McElfish, Environmental Engineer in opposing mass residential grading.

Please forward on to all that can oppose this / live in the area, thanks!

Learn more about Upper Swift Creek here:

6:30 p. m. PUBLIC MEETING AND HEARING - PUBLIC MEETING ROOM, (Right at Route 10 and Beech/Lori Road) CHESTERFIELD COUNTY ADMINISTRATION BUILDING. (between Rt. 10 and the largest building around/adjacent to Main Administration Building 9901 Lori Road, Chesterfield, VA 23832-0040)

I. Invocation.

II. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of United States of America.

III. Review Upcoming Agendas.

IV. Requests to Postpone Action, Emergency Additions or Changes in the Order of Presentation.

V. Review Meeting Procedures.

VI. Citizen Comment on Unscheduled Matters Involving the Services, Policies and Affairs of the County Government regarding Planning or Land Use Issues.

VII. Public Hearing: Consideration of the Following Proposals in this Order: Requests for withdrawals/deferrals; Cases where the applicant accepts the recommendation and there is no public opposition; Code Amendments; and Cases where the applicant does not accept the recommendation and/or there is public opposition.

A. Code Amendment Relative to “Mass Grading” in the Upper Swift Creek Watershed.
An Ordinance to amend the Code of the County of Chesterfield, 1997, as amended, by amending Sections 8-1 and 8-2 of the Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance and Section 19-238 of the Zoning Ordinance. Specifically, the amendments would prohibit "mass grading" within the Upper Swift Creek Watershed and would define "mass grading" as the process of altering existing ground contours of more than 80% of the area of any single residential lot as shown on approved construction plans, but would not include alteration of lots (i) that are less than 10,000 square feet, (ii) that are more than 10, 000 square feet after issuance of a certificate of occupancy for a primary residence on the property or (iii) as otherwise approved by the director of environmental engineering when necessary for storm water management purposes. The director’s decision to deny a request for an exception to the mass grading prohibition for storm water management purposes may be appealed to the Circuit Court.

copeland casati
6902 park ave / rva 23226
804/ 515-7886